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IJPMB Special Issue on Economic and Financial Processes in Emerging Asia Edited by John Vong, Insu Song and Purnendu Mandal

International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking
2014 Vol. 4 No. 2
Special Issue on Economic and Financial Processes in Emerging Asia
Guest Editors: John Vong, Insu Song and Purnendu Mandal

Pages Title and authors
127-144 The process of income inequality development from foreign direct investment in developing countries: a system dynamics approach
Pard Teekasap
DOI: 10.1504/IJPMB.2014.060404

International Conference on Managing the Asian Century 2014

The ICMAC 2014 promises an international exchange of knowledge, sustainable innovations, and diverse cultures. Set in the well-known location of Bali, also known as the Island of Gods, the conference will reveal the opportunities and challenges of doing business during and after the ASEAN integration ..............more!prettyPhoto

Dear Colleagues

2nd International Conference on Managing the Asian Century (ICMAC 2014)
Held at Kuta Paradiso Hotel, Bali Indonesia, 26-28 November 2014

Does microfinance improve gender equality?

Impact of Microfinance on Gender Equality in Indonesia

John Vong1, Song Insu2, Rakesh Dhananjay Salian3, Rui Xu3, Rinu Kariath3, and Kritchawan Bunyong3

BANKING ON THE FUTURE: Can corebanking systems operate on mobile telephony?

Affective Core-Banking Services For Microfinance

Written by Insu and John


In this paper, we present a mobile phone-based banking system, called ACMB (Affective Cashless Mobile Banking), for microfinance. ACMB is de-signed to provide banking services to the world’s unbanked population of about 2.6 billion.

Pilot study on impact of mobile money service on micro-entrepreneurs in rural Cambodia

Delivering financial services through mobile phone technology: a pilot study on impact of mobile money service on micro-entrepreneurs in rural Cambodia
(International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management; Vong, J., Fang, J., and Song, I (2012))


The World needs a stronger Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) Sector

TO: Dr Alan
From Dr John Vong

The World Bank says:
"The employment challenge is expected to become more acute as the world’s population — and the number of workers — grows, especially in developing countries. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that in the next 10 years, the world will need more than 600 million more jobs to avoid a further increase in unemployment."

Writing a SME Business Plan

Hi Mic

A Business Plan should have the following information which is adapted from the World Bank IFC SME Toolkit


Cover page

Executive summary
Table of contents

1.0 Overview of the Industry

2.0 Company Profile
2.1 Description of Products and Services
2.2 Positioning
2.3 Pricing

3.0 Market and Marketing
3.1 Customers
3.2 Products
3.3 Market size and Trends
3.4 Competition
3.5 Estimated Sales
3.6 Sales Strategy, Advertising and Promotion

Strategic Response Quotient (SRQ): an interpretation

From: Dr John
To: Adis

In reply to your question:

The SRQ can be viewed from several perspectives and therefore has several implications, notably:

  1. SRQ measures the interest burden of the bank (Net Interest Margin as a proportion of Net Non-Interest Income).
    That is to what extent the bank is "forced" to extend loans (therefore taking increasing credit risks) to cover its Net Non-Interest Cost or a Negative Non-Interest Income.

Writing a Project Proposal that gets funded

TO: Dear Members
FROM: Dr John Vong
RE: Template that will increase your success in grant writing.


This document is prepared in accordance with guidelines of ………….regarding regulations on managing and using ODA (Official Development Assistance). This outline is written in accordance with formats laid out in Index 2, Page 3 of Circular No. …………

I. Project Information
1. Title: Rural Telecentre Pilot Project
2. Host agent: CapDev Project
(a) Address:
(b) Email/Telephone:
3. Telecentre Pilot Executive Agent:
(a) Address:
(b) Email/Telephone:

Dear CEO, do not employ a guard dog, then do the barking yourself

From : Senior Consultant

Thank you for your letter that informed us that a thief attempted to break into your house last week.

We shall investigate the matter and reply to you within 24 hours.

John Vong

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