We offer customised solutions that will respond directly to the needs of the clients under the categories of organizational diagnostics, development and project management services. The solutions we offer include:

Organizational Diagnostics

  • Teamwork Analysis
  • Managerial Talent Scorecard
  • Leadership Style Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction Audit
  • Managerial Attitude Audit
  • Managerial Commitment Audit
  • Managerial Culture Mapping
  • Systems Review and Audit

Development Planning Technical Assistance

  • Human Resource Development Roadmap
  • IT Enhancement Roadmap
  • Service Delivery Improvement Roadmap
  • Operations Improvement Roadmap

Project Management Services

  • Strategy Formulation Workshop
  • Governance and Accountability Workshops
  • Project Formulation Workshop
  • Project Management Workshop
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop
  • International Comparative Study Missions
  • Human Resource Development Workshop
  • Job Description Writing Workshop
  • Governance for Family Owned Enterprises Workshop