Writing a Business Plan for Market Entry to Asia

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Title Cover Page

Executive Summary (max 2 pages)

Table of Content

1.0 Overview of your current Products/Services in relation to your Local Market/Demand (max 5 pages)
Reasons why you wish to set up overseas: vast potential?; horizontal integration? vertical integration?
Which are the target overseas markets, and why? what possible difficulties?
Present demand trends?
Reference ("Doing Business 2016 by World Bank)

2.0 Setting up the New Company Overseas - where, why, how, when (max 7 pages)
2.1 Set up a new entity or an rep office
2.2 New entity (who are the Legal Directors and or Legal Owners); Rep Office (who is the Chief Rep); Org Structure
2.3 Need for an Accountant for Internal and External reporting
2.4 Select the External Auditor in new market
2.5 Select the Legal Rep in new market
2.6 Location and Size of Office(of Factory if its manufacturing)
2.7 How to hire Staff

3.1 Products and Services, Markets and Marketing (max 7 pages)
3.2 Product /Services to be offered
3.3 Pricing of Products/ Services
3.4 Market Positioning to be adopted
3.5 Advertising and Promotion and Business Development
3.6 Sales strategy and channels
3.7 Sales Forecast
3.8 Anticipated Competition

4.0 Capital Requirements (max 7 pages)
4.1 Cost of Logistics and Supply Chain (if dealing with Physical Goods)
4.2 Setting up of Factory, Land acquisition, Systems installation (if manufacturing)
4.3 Cost of start up (not daily operational)

5.0 Operational Expenses Requirements (max 5 pages)
5.1 Monthly Cashflow Forecast (for 3 years)
5.2 Forecast Profit and Loss Statement (3 years)
5.3 Forecast Balance Sheet Statement (3 years)

6.0 Profile of Management Team (max 5 pages)
6.1 Profile of Legal Rep/Officer
6.2 Profile of Chief Marketing Officer
6.3 Profile of Chief Technology Officer
6.4 Profile of Chief Operations Officer
6.5 Profile of Chief Financial Officer

7.0 Risks and Contingency Planning
7.1 Market risks (eg due to currency risk or demand trends)
7.2 Operational risk
7.3 Capital risk (eg not enough capital)
7.4 Risk Mitigation (on the above risks)

8.0 Is there an Exit Strategy (irrespective whether the business is successful or not)

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