ICMAC 2018 @Surabaya - Innovations and Technology for Sustainability in Asia

08-09 November 2018 at Novotel Samator Surabaya Indonesia

The first book series of ICMAC conferences was published in 2013 as Managing the Asian Century edited by Springer Group.

ICMAC 2018 @Surabaya, will discuss a key theme on sustainable development of Asia, along with the management of innovations and technologies that support lasting progress. A new book series shall be published under Sustainable Development, Innovations and Technology in Asia. All qualified papers presented at ICMAC @Surabaya shall be published in the new book series and or other accredited journals.

ICMAC is committed to promote cross-border collaboration and cooperation among innovators, scientists, researchers, and technologists, by providing them with access to top publication and effective communication channels to publicize their innovations and research.

ICMAC was founded in 2013, with a successful history of launching seven ICMAC international conferences Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and China. The focus of
ICMAC is innovations and technology for sustainable development in Asia. The discussions and papers presented in ICMAC conferences are insightful and in-depth with an emphasis on building resilience cities and communities using smart technologies, smart education, smart health, smart finance, smart food supply chains, across multiple sectors and regions in Asia.

Paper Submission
Abstract 30 July 2018; First Draft 31 August 2018; Final Draft on 30 September 2018

Conference Chair: Professor Dr John Vong, Editor-in-Chief
Academic Council: Professor Anggapa Gunasekaran, Professor Paul Licciardi, Professor Hari Setiono, Professor Purnendu Mandal, Dr Michelle Zhang, Dr Adrian Honegger, Dr Fred Chung, Dr Cheh Goh

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