International Conference on Managing Asian Century 2015

ASEAN Entrepreneurship, Innovations and Technology
18 – 20 Nov 2015 in Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rise of Asia
This century belongs to Asia in terms of future growth and geopolitical influence in the world. The rise of China, India, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia in the past 10 years gives credence to the statement. There is definitely potential to attain economic progress, but Asia needs to improve its education system, health system, financial system and continue to innovate so that it manage the uglier side of development such as social inequality, corruption and pollution. The World Bank and Asian Development Bank report huge challenges for Asia enterprises to adopt world class practices, for societies to change its attitude. Both government and corporate leaders must find new ways of leading the nations.This International Conference for Managing the Asian Century (ICMAC) series shares knowledge to develop and manage Asia. The keynote speakers and participants shall come from USA, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, India, China and all of ASEAN.

Aim of Conference
The theme of ICMAC 2015 - ASEAN Entrepreneurship In Technology – aims to bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, and technologists from across ASEAN, US, UK, EU and Australiasia. They would want to put ideas into action or incubate innovations that improve lives, living and livelihoods in business and society. Some of the premier innovations will be showcased at the Conference.

ICMAC 2015 is the third annual conference, following the success in Singapore (2013, Rise of ASEAN) and Bali (2014, Integrating ASEAN). This year we will hear from entrepreneurs and innovators who have succeeded in the breaking the barriers, who have launched their start ups, and those who have struggled to breakthrough. To help those to launch their entrepreneurship careers, in this year there will be a networking sessions between entrepreneurs and innovators. Definitely a session not to be missed by anyone who wants to experience technology breakthroughs in ASEAN and wider Asia. .

The ICMAC 2015 will be held on 18 – 20 November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Day 1 starts with the Entrepreneur in Technology Keynote Address, followed by a presentation – Emerging Technologies in Emerging Markets - where a panel of experienced ASEAN entrepreneurs and Innovators will share ideas and provide advice. The first day ends with a Conference Welcome Reception.

Day 2 begins with Innovators Keynote Addresses and a series of presentations by innovators and technologists in specialised tracks - financial, education, hospitality and health. The second day ends with a Conference Dinner.

Day 3 will see breakout sessions to discuss ideas that have been shared. The third day ends with insights on innovative breakthroughs, incubation funding, and emerging technologies.

Entrepreneurs in Technology across ASEAN are invited to showcase their products and services in Conference.

The sharing of innovations and inventions will be on: banking and payments, education and learning, hospitality and tourism and their impact on economic development and business and society. Most important by the end of Conference, all must have fun with innovations.

ICMAC 2015 will be attended by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, innovators, technologists and emerging scientists from US, UK, EU, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia. All new innovations that attract venture funding shall be published.