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Writing a Project Proposal that gets funded

TO: Dear Members
FROM: Dr John Vong
RE: Template that will increase your success in grant writing.


This document is prepared in accordance with guidelines of ………….regarding regulations on managing and using ODA (Official Development Assistance). This outline is written in accordance with formats laid out in Index 2, Page 3 of Circular No. …………

I. Project Information
1. Title: Rural Telecentre Pilot Project
2. Host agent: CapDev Project
(a) Address:
(b) Email/Telephone:
3. Telecentre Pilot Executive Agent:
(a) Address:
(b) Email/Telephone:

Problem Solving using Critical Thinking: a case study of rural telecentres for improving farm productivity

TO: Those who wish to apply critical thinking to solve problems, big and small
FROM: John Vong

Nations have national issues. People have personal problems. Many approaches to resolve the issues and problems have been ineffective, because of the lack of critical thinking. Some suggestions to resolve very serious issues can be considered humorous and very entertaining, but largely missing the mark. Thus the issues remain unresolved. A case in point:

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