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Writing a SME Business Plan

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A Business Plan should have the following information which is adapted from the World Bank IFC SME Toolkit


Cover page

Executive summary
Table of contents

1.0 Overview of the Industry

2.0 Company Profile
2.1 Description of Products and Services
2.2 Positioning
2.3 Pricing

3.0 Market and Marketing
3.1 Customers
3.2 Products
3.3 Market size and Trends
3.4 Competition
3.5 Estimated Sales
3.6 Sales Strategy, Advertising and Promotion

Leadership in Corporate Governance for CPAs

TO: All Members

At time moment of history, there is a need for better corporate governance.

The WorldBank/IFC’s experience has shown that sound corporate governance helps businesses operate more efficiently, better manage risks, and attract investments. Good governance makes clients more accountable and transparent to investors, and enables them to respond to legitimate stakeholder concerns.

Leadership and HR in Asia

TO: HRM Specialists; Training Directors; Sonny Duong (Training Director of Sacombank)
FROM: Dr John Vong
RE: HRM Lifetime Achievement Award (an extract from HRM Interview)

  1. What did the HRM Lifetime Achievement Award mean to you?

It is indeed an honour to be a recipient of the award for a 25-year contribution to developing human resources. More so, from my perspective, I was just doing what comes as a matter-of-course, rather than expecting a reward for it.

Lessons from IMF/WorldBank Bank Meeting 2009

  1. Global Crisis and Policy Responses

The global recession appears to be at, or reaching, the bottom of the trough, so there is a good chance recovery will emerge. When will the recovery take place depends on where you are located. Growth in Asia seems revived. The US economy has somewhat stabilized. But Europe has signs of suffering from huge hangover.

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