Leadership in Corporate Governance for CPAs

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At time moment of history, there is a need for better corporate governance.

The WorldBank/IFC’s experience has shown that sound corporate governance helps businesses operate more efficiently, better manage risks, and attract investments. Good governance makes clients more accountable and transparent to investors, and enables them to respond to legitimate stakeholder concerns.

The Asian Development Bank says that governance has four key interrelated elements considered necessary to sustain efforts and ensure results. These are Accountability, Participation, predictability and transparency.

The CPA Australia says that Ethics and Governance is a core component of the knowledge and skill base of today’s professional accountants. As key business decision makers, accountants must be proficient in regulatory regimes, compliance requirements, and governance mechanisms to ensure lawful and effective corporate behaviour and operations

If you wish to know what is corporate governance and how to apply it to your company, then

Date: 22 July 2011
Venue: Majestic Hotel HCMC Vietnam
Time: Starts at 6.00 pm

1. Improve the understanding of corporate governance
2. Critical Analysis of the major issues in corporate governance
3. Formulating a winning governance strategy for an organization

Dr. John Vong has worked in 17 countries, advised 2 central banks, managed projects of 3 supra-national bodies (namely, WorldBank/IFC, United Nations, Asian Development Bank), conducted training in 4 global banks, 5 global technology giants and lectured in 6 world-class Masters programs. His career was first crafted at HSBC and Deloitte across 5 countries. He has a CPA (Australia), PhD (Bradford), MBA, BA (Economics) and undertaken professional development at the Harvard University Public Disputes Program. He founded www.leadershipcorp.com.