International Conference on Managing the Asian Century 2014

The ICMAC 2014 promises an international exchange of knowledge, sustainable innovations, and diverse cultures. Set in the well-known location of Bali, also known as the Island of Gods, the conference will reveal the opportunities and challenges of doing business during and after the ASEAN integration ..............more!prettyPhoto

Dear Colleagues

2nd International Conference on Managing the Asian Century (ICMAC 2014)
Held at Kuta Paradiso Hotel, Bali Indonesia, 26-28 November 2014

Vietnam riding on the back of a tiger

Vietnam riding on the back of a tiger
Past, present and future
Edited by Dr. John Vong on 08 Oct 2010


Challenges of University Education

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Vong's own experiences in education have had a profound effect on his personal development. His tertiary education taken in the UK and Malaysia and later in Australia and US, and his experiences within different education systems have made him question the way things are done. He pinpoints a number of key issues: the responsibility for funding is one. "The 'consumers' of graduates [by which he means employers] must contribute to educational funding. Education must be a public/private partnership and business must be involved."

MBA in International Development

With the collapses in Wall Street and the unethical behavior of bankers therein, the MBAs graduates are looking for alternative career pathways.

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