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To: Moch Ata Amrullah
From: Dr John Vong

Please confirm that you have received an article that will help you interpret the EAGLEs data.

SIRC Guidelines for Relationship Managers in Banking

From: Dr John Vong

  1. What is SIRC?

SIRC is a process that aims to on-boarding prospects or customers in the most effective manner. It describes the process of prospective customer search, prospective customer identification, prospective customer reach out and prospective customer capture

There is always a time lag between carrying out sales activities (such as searching, identifying, reaching out, and capturing the sales) and collecting the revenue. The SIRC process is an attempt to reduce the time lag.

Risks faced by Local Governments


Many people think that risk management is only applied in private sector. That kind of thinking is flawed. The public sector has risks too and care must be taken to manage those risks to avoid a political fallout that could. At the central government level the risks can be a national issue (for example, the Thailand case study) and have national consquences. At the local government level or provincial level, the risks will have adverse consequences for local authorities and may even be riased to the national level.

Vietnam riding on the back of a tiger

Vietnam riding on the back of a tiger
Past, present and future
Edited by Dr. John Vong on 08 Oct 2010


Problem Solving using Critical Thinking: a case study of rural telecentres for improving farm productivity

TO: Those who wish to apply critical thinking to solve problems, big and small
FROM: John Vong

Nations have national issues. People have personal problems. Many approaches to resolve the issues and problems have been ineffective, because of the lack of critical thinking. Some suggestions to resolve very serious issues can be considered humorous and very entertaining, but largely missing the mark. Thus the issues remain unresolved. A case in point:

CAMELS vs EAGLES: PhD research

Dear John,
Thank you very much for your kindness sending me your articles.
This time i'm preparing my thesis. Honestly, first i was interested to write 'bout CAMEL. But after finding your blog (, and read bout "Why CAMEL failed to recognize the weakness of banks...." , i'm so interested to know more bout this EAGLES and the basic knowledge of it. If you have any other articles bout EAGLES, would you please send me?? it will be so helpful for my thesis. Well, to be true, i have difficulties in searching EAGLES topics on the net. bunches of thanks.

Lessons on human resource development in post-conflict nations

Talent Development from Ground Zero
A case study of talent readiness
By John Vong
June 2007

Good morning esteemed members of the HR Club. This morning I shall present a case study in developing Talent Readiness. I wish to share with the esteemed HR professionals participating in this morning’s seminar a situation where an organization is least ready to develop human talent and a situation where human talent is a scarce commodity.

Challenges of University Education

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Vong's own experiences in education have had a profound effect on his personal development. His tertiary education taken in the UK and Malaysia and later in Australia and US, and his experiences within different education systems have made him question the way things are done. He pinpoints a number of key issues: the responsibility for funding is one. "The 'consumers' of graduates [by which he means employers] must contribute to educational funding. Education must be a public/private partnership and business must be involved."

What fundamental changes can be expected from Banks?

Dear Readers

Many readers have asked whether there are any recent research articles based on EAGLES and SRQ. The straight answer is there are none.
The reasons are:

  1. We need to plan carefully how, where and when we present our research.
    The banking sector in every nation is a powerful lobby group.
    (My travel visa was nearly revoked twice in 2 countries for presenting research papers on the macroview on weakness of the banking sector. No bank names were disclosed. Many central banks do not wish to hear external researchers telling them the bad news).

Barking the wrong tree in emerging economies

Please read the article below then proceed to the test question on assessing your knowledge of environment management, climatic change and nature of emerging economies:

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