Find or Rent your parking spot in Chicago with the ParqEx

Let’s suppose that A wants an item for just a few days because of which he will have to buy a brand new one and then, there is B who has the same product which he won’t be using for few days, won’t it become so easy if A could rent the product from B? Well, this is just an example of sharing economy which basically is regarded as optimized utilization of one’s resources to maximize the benefit from it. The same concept can be applied to parking spaces as well. A vacant parking spot, unused for days, is doing no one any benefit. It is a simple wastage of space when there is so much demand of parking spaces. You’d be glad to know that there are some amazing applications which provide the service of finding and listing parking spots. ParqEx is one such community-based mobile and web platform that has made it possible for the drivers to find parking spots in Chicago whereas the renters to make some quick cash by renting out their unused parking space.

With ParqEx, you can search for parking spot by address or current location. You can easily converse with the spot owner regarding any queries you might be having. Furthermore, you can rent from the people you trust based on the review system offering the details regarding the owner of the parking spot, its location and the parking spot itself. If you are satisfied, then, you can reserve the monthly parking Chicago spot with a tap of your finger.

For the people who want to list their parking space for rent, you’d have to follow a specific process on ParqEx. You can list your spot on the app by creating a spot profile, then you’ll have to enter the current address of the parking spot either by choosing the current location displaying on the interactive map of the application or by adding it manually. Then, you can add some photographs of the spot, the period of time for which the spot will be available and that’s it. You can earn extra money for the time period you won’t be utilizing your parking area. Also, parking spot owners get the option of choosing whom they want to rent their spot.

ParqEx is a customer focused application ensuring you that the only people getting access to your personal information are the people you approve of. Moreover, all the accounts created on the application are approved for authenticity. Hence, ParqEx is one of the best destinations for any person who either wants to rent or list overnight parking Chicago.

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