5 Remote Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

Remote work is becoming popular day by day. Many people are running strong, fully remote and venture-funded companies which are growing with the help of remote collaboration. Those who are working in the same building as their manager, colleague, etc. as well as those who are not, can rely on the virtual collaboration methods for getting a lot of the work done. It is efficient and productive to work remotely. However, it is all about the efforts of an individual that, how effectively the team members are included in the conversation.

What Is Remote Collaboration?

Remote collaboration is a productive and efficient reality that helps to remove the limitations of geographical limiting as well as makes it probable to build the best team, irrespective of whether the team members are around the world.

Remote collaboration is all about the individual efforts bring with us to a team and how effectively we include team members into the conversation. The work/life balance is made more achievable by it. It is also beneficial in enhancing the productivity, and bringing various professional opportunities which are location independent.

Staying connected, resolving problems, brainstorming and the progress towards the business and individual goals become difficult, when the team is not working on the same floor or building. A lot of benefits to businesses are presented by remote collaboration. It helps businesses have access to a wider talent pool, increases productivity and increases the retention when in the company moves, employees do not need to leave their jobs. There are many popular companies like Upworthy, Automattic and Mozilla that operate completely remotely.

Five Remote Collaboration Tools

Remote team collaboration revolves around the individual efforts taken by us to a team and how well the team members are included in the conversation. The question, how to collaborate with the remote co-workers and what are the tools for remote collaboration comes to the mind of each of us.

Here are the tools that are not only designed to address the collaboration matters related to remote work, but will also help to make the remote team collaboration more functioning.

  1. ezTalks Meetings

It is one of the best remote collaboration tools. It is available on each platform like Android, Windows, Mac, Browser and iOS. It enables about 100 members to work together at the same time for every 40 mins at free of cost. For are mote team collaboration, this tool works great.

It is also a HD video conferencing solution that contests the borders by allowing each team member to connect from any place in the world. ezTalks Meetings is combined with a remote control, audio conferencing and video conferencing, and features recording, playback, annotation, content, whiteboard and screen sharing capabilities. Various comprehensive plans and services to meet the need of any industry or team are also offered by it.

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  1. Evernote

It is an easy and efficient remote collaboration tool for managing information and notes when we collaborate on a project with the team members. With it, you can easily save, collect and share the documents. It is a collaborative tool which is highly popular and is best for the teams who wanted to share everything with the team members.

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  1. Skype

This remote collaboration tool is the world's most famous video call service which keeps us connected to the whole team for free. In it, the Skype video conferencing calling helps to put us in link with up to 10 people at once. It permits to send files to the team or contacts and grasp the voice calls. The audio quality of it is crystal clear.

Skype also lets you forward calls to the phone as well as call the phones directly. This tool is available in mobile, desktop and tablet forms. It has numerous beneficial features for all those working from home.

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  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a remote collaboration tool that serves as a remote folder on the computer which, any team member can upload things to and accessible. This cloud-based file sharing service is highly popular and comes with storage of 2GB for free. The storage can also be increased up to 18GB by referring to friends. It also offers paid subscriptions. With it, the members of the team can leave comments on the current updates and assign tasks to each other, also sync the documents and files to their computers.

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Dropbox lets us set up the shared folders for the team members, thus everyone has access to the documents or files.

  1. Trello

The last remote collaboration tool is Trello. It is also a centralized project or task management tool which is easy to use. It helps in having a look at what the other team members are working on and helps in prioritizing what is next in the queue.

Trello helps to keep the record of each task related communication. This tool is on a system of cards, so we can categorize mockups, photos, order text, drawings whichever way we want. It is 100% free and can also set the appointment reminders.

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All the remote team collaboration tools help multiple users in working together and stay linked on company's or business projects from anyplace on just a connected device. These tools can benefit a company in remote team collaboration in numerous ways. They not only can make the workspaces accessible, but can also make them viewable to each team member irrespective of their location. These tools will help you the time generally wasted linking the gap between different apps and remove the unproductive conversation.

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Dropbox is a remote collaboration tool that serves as a remote folder on the computer which, any team member can upload things to and accessible. This cloud-based file sharing service is highly popular and comes with storage of 2GB for free. dumpsleader JN0-411