Dear CEO, do not employ a guard dog, then do the barking yourself

From : Senior Consultant

Thank you for your letter that informed us that a thief attempted to break into your house last week.

We shall investigate the matter and reply to you within 24 hours.

John Vong

CEOs, don't micro manage

Many CEOs micro manage. They like to "pull up the roots to check whether the tree is healthy, not realizing that this action may kill the tree".

I have spoken to many CEO and their reasons for micro-managing are that:

  1. CEOs like to keep themselves well-informed of the company's daily operations;
  2. CEOs do not trust the staff sufficiently that they can do their assigned duties;
  3. CEOs cannot re-assigned or remove the under-performing staff, so he has ensure that
    they do their jobs;
  4. CEOs have under-skilled managers who cannot perform their duties;
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