Marketing for Bankers - Introduction

From the library of The Leadership Corporation Australia:

  1. How marketing enables banks to offer superior value to their customers?

Lessons from Asian Financial Crisis 1990s: Indonesia and Thailand bear the brunt

In March 1997, at a banking conference in Thailand, the authors identified two major Thai banks that were showing signs of distress.
The following day, the Bangkok Post reported that one of the two banks identified was downgraded by Moodys. That was the start of what is now known as the tom-yam effect. In this article the authors used their EAGLES benchmark to anlayse the performance of the banking sector and in three Asian countries.
Vong, J. et al (1997). Indonesia and Thailand bear the brunt: what went wrong? Bankers Journal Malaysia. No. 104 Dec - Jan 1998 pp 4-7.

How many people are needed to change a light bulb?

How many people are needed to change a light bulb? In some companies its 5 people and some others it may require only 1 or 2.

Why are 5 people needed to change a light bulb?
It takes 1 person to hold the ladder, while another is to climb the ladder and screw on the light bulb. The other 3 persons lift the one who is holding the light bulb, and turns him to screw on the bulb.

What about the 1 person? Well, it takes one person to climb the ladder, balance himself or herself on the ladder, and screw on the light bulb with one hand while the other holding on to the ladder.

Lessons Learned in Change Management

After being a project manager and senior adviser to more than 10 projects since 1983, I have learned some lessons of 4 A's that I wish to share with the TLCA community:

  1. In every project there is a necessary ingredient for success, and that is effective change management procedures must be in place. Most projects will entail changes in the way we work, or change in the systems or change in people's attitudes towards work.

Financial Crisis or Market Correction?

Article by Dr. John Vong that was first published in the Investor Bulletin, Sacombank Vietnam, Issue October 2008.

MBA in International Development

With the collapses in Wall Street and the unethical behavior of bankers therein, the MBAs graduates are looking for alternative career pathways.

Mobilizing Mobile Phones for Funds Transfer


An abstract of my paper "Banking in the Developing World":

There are at at least three projects in the poorer Asia, funded by international development agencies, running in parallel that relates to mobile phones for funds transfers. I shall call it MP4FT.

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