How many people are needed to change a light bulb?

How many people are needed to change a light bulb? In some companies its 5 people and some others it may require only 1 or 2.

Why are 5 people needed to change a light bulb?
It takes 1 person to hold the ladder, while another is to climb the ladder and screw on the light bulb. The other 3 persons lift the one who is holding the light bulb, and turns him to screw on the bulb.

What about the 1 person? Well, it takes one person to climb the ladder, balance himself or herself on the ladder, and screw on the light bulb with one hand while the other holding on to the ladder.

Which approach will a company take?
In times of economic crisis where cost cutting is the order of the day, companies need to find more creative ways to get the job done with minimum cost, that means, less human resource input is required. In that case only 1 person is needed.

However in order for that 1 person to do a good job, he or she will need to be multiskilled. The person will be trained on the skills of balancing on the ladder and screwing the bulb with possibly one hand. Appropriate strength must be applied to holding on to the ladder, as is screwing the bulb with one hand.

Why am I telling this story?
My fear is in the current times, many companies are cutting staff. The remaining staff is expected to get the job done with same quality as before. But they may not have the skills, nor are they trained, to get the job done well. Customer service quality is falling and safety standards may fall too.

What are your views?


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