Healthy Living Medical: Providing the Best Concierge Services

Falling sick is most of the time very unpleasant and really frustrating situation. To add on the pile of your misery when you rush to the hospital you have to wait for really long in the waiting area with other patients for your turn. More than often, it irritates you to no end but what is even more unbearable is how the limited energy you have is being wasted. What if we tell you that you can avail the service of doctor anytime you want, anywhere you want. It sounds fantastic, right? Well, it is very much possible nowadays to do so in the form of concierge doctors Pasadena CA which provide an extensive range of services including long personalized appointments, enhanced care, house call but the best part about is that you won’t have to wait, ever! If you are not aware about the term concierge, then let us enlighten you a little bit. Concierge medicine concludes a relationship between the physician and the patient, in which the patient pays retainer or annual fees in return of which the doctor provides enhanced care to the patients ensuring them timely availability and extensive care. If the idea of concierge medicine fascinates you then you should seek the service of Healthy Living Medical who is offering fantastic medical care

Highly renowned and proficient Joshua Alexander Jacobi, MD will be your personal physician. He is triple board certified cardiologist having expertise in interventional cardiology, cardiovascular disease and internal medicine. Hence you can let out a breath of relief knowing that you’ll be in good hands. The boutique doctor general practitioner will be available to you 24*7, just a phone call away from you, more than willing to meet your every medical need. Instead of wasting your time in the waiting area, he believes in utilizing the time to the maximum, prioritizing the goal of preventing the disease.

At Healthy Living Medical, the goal of the health physicals Pasadena is to protect your heart, ensure you remain healthy and to make sure that you don’t get affected by any serious disease. Hence, in conclusion, saving your time and money, Dr. Joshua Alexander Jacobi ensures that you always remain healthy. If you want to know more about the proficient, experienced and renowned doctor, rush to the website now.