US philanthropic organisation, the Rockefeller Foundation, supporting plans for first social stock exchange in Singapore

The future looks bright for social entrepreneurs needing funds to support their causes. An interesting article below.

By Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: Plans are underway for Asia's first social stock exchange to be set up in Singapore.

US philanthropic organisation, the Rockefeller Foundation, is donating a sum of money to support the establishment of the social stock exchange. It is awarding US$495,000 to the Singapore-based agency, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX).

The grant will support research and proof-of-concept analysis that IIX will undertake prior to launch of the exchange.

The Rockefeller Foundation handed the grant as part of its impact investing work to help facilitate the development of social capital markets. It also wants to promote the availability of capital for social enterprises.

IIX is creating a regulated trading platform for securities issued by sustainable social enterprises in Asia.

The exchange will allow social enterprises to raise capital, expand their operations, and provide measurable social as well as financial returns for investors.

IIX will establish listing criteria to promote and reward the best social-purpose businesses in an environment that ensures transparency and accountability.


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